Biz Cleaners AlterationBIZ Cleaners in Worcester, MA.

We have been been serving our neighborhood since 2005. We have over ten years of experience.

Biz Cleaners has developed into a formidable, multi-talented powerhouse of expertise in their field.

We are family owned and operated.

We provide a full Professional Tailor/Alteration service for men and women clothing. At BIZ Cleaners Tailor, we are commitment to highest-quality in our job and customer service while remain competitive in the area. For the perfect fit come to BIZ Cleaners Tailor for professional alterations by our experienced tailor.

Repairs, alterations, mending done
for cuffs, hems, zippers, garments

SPECIALIST IN:Wedding Tailor

- Wedding Gowns

- Bridal Party

- Prom Dresses

- Custom Tailor on new garments

Just about everything we do in life requires us to look the part.

Some occasions call for formal wear, while others are more business like, or even casual.

Do you want to always look your best, no matter the occasion?

Walk ins are welcome or contact us now to setup an appointment.