Our fur cleaning services are very popular because we have proven ourBiz Cleaners abilities thousands of times in our long tenure.  There are a number of reasons why fur should be cleaned regularly.

Even the most luxurious furs can lose their luster if not kept in good condition.  Proper fur maintenance is a job that both you and Without A Trace share.

Cleaning furs is one of the things we do best. It’s what we have built a large part of our reputation upon.  Fur requires specialized resources.  While dry cleaning might cut it for the nicest of cloth garments, fur is “an entirely different animal.”

Our Fur Cleaning Methods
Different types of furs demand different cleaning services, and we provide them all.  We are frequently asked to clean and repair the rarest and most exotic of all the world’s furs, and we take great pride in knowing that our customers use us again and again.

We use non toxic cleaners only ! We are ROYALTONE Certificate.

furFur Cleaner fur-cleaning1

We Clean all types of Fur – Original or Artificial

When we are finished, and we send your fur back to you, we instruct you on proper storage and maintenance.

There are a few vitally important things you must do when storing your fur properly, from letting it breathe and finding a place in your home that meets light and humidity specifications.

FREE PICKUP and Delivery 10 miles radius from our location.