We’re Not Kidding!

We sell strictly decoration.  Our designs are not suitable for application with a home iron.  For proper application we use a professional heat press.

The transfer is typically used for decorative purposes and applied to garments, mugs, mouse pads, and other surfaces.computer-design1

Bring your picture or logo to transfer.

We can design it for your or if you already have a design just e-mail it to us at  info@bizcleaners.net

We specialize in professional marketing materials at reasonable prices.

We can help you convey your message in an attractive format, leaving your clients with a positive impression of your organization or special events.

The image is applied to these items using a heat press machine which uses high temperature (typically 385 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure to transfer the ink from the paper to the garment.

The process of transferring an image from the paper to the garment typically takes typically 8-12 seconds and does not require a drying or curing process once applied.

Transfers are available in a variety of sizes, processes, and full colors.

screen printing product_moreprodscreen printing

Most transfers produced today are known as hot split transfers where the ink splits between the transfer paper and garment when heated.

screen printing print screen printing

Other popular transfer types include puff (ink that puffs), glitter (ink that sparkles), foil (ink that shines), and sublimation (used for mug transfers).


Friendly to you, your clothes and environment.