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New shoes, old shoes, in between shoes.

Whatever shape your shoes are in, bring them to Biz Cleaners for the best repair they’ve ever had.

And your reward: your shoes will take you to more places in comfort than you ever dreamed possible.

Your shoes will look better, outlast, and out shine others! Because Biz Cleaners provides everything in shoe repair, from tips— to heel plates— to full soles.

Let your shoes get the full treatment at Biz Cleaners with an Instant Shoe Shine.

Be good to your shoes, and they’ll be good to you… and your FEET !

Has the leather torn on your favorite suitcase?

Do your suede boots need a cleaning?

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Has your handbag split a seam, leather jacket popped its buttons, zippers

have come unzipped or stuck? All is not lost!

Biz Cleaners is your valet away from home.

They will rescue your treasured leather and suede items from everyday wear-and-tear… or from the ruthless baggage handlers at airports and hotels around the world.

The trained professionals at Biz Cleaners know just how to treat your favorite garments and accessories so as to extend their life and your enjoyment of them.